Free Old Computers

There are mainly three ways to get a computer free. One is to have one of your wealthy relative finance your purchase of computer for free. Second is to look for the free old computers and the third is to get your free computer in the form of a marketing incentive. So, do you have a wealthy relative and that too kind enough to spare some money for your free computer If not, then move on to the other remaining options.

If you do a little search online, you could find some forums or websites where you can post your request for free old computers. There are several people, including students, housewives and senior citizens, who can’t afford to buy even a second-hand computer. In such a case, there is no other way to look around the Internet for some free old computers. There are some organizations and charities that are more than willing to help people in their education and what could be the best option than educating the people with the help of computers.

But it is a very costly affair for such organizations to finance the brand new free computers for people. They try to get the old and used computers at very low costs or they try to get the old computers absolutely free of cost in the form of charity. There are people all around the world, who have too much wealth to care about a few pennies that they could earn on selling their old computers. Instead, they take the old computers as nothing but junk for them. Hence, they also look for the ways to get rid of their old computers. So, they are more than willing to giveaway their old computers to some needy ones or to some charitable organization.

Last but not the least is the method of marketing incentive to get your very own free computer. The marketing incentive is nothing but a kind of gift to the participants of some specific offers. When you help a company understand the market trends and likes or dislikes of the consumers, through completing several of the Company’s survey, the affiliates of that company gives you the marketing incentives. Usually the value of marketing incentives depends on the value of your contribution. But these days more and more companies are trying to attract the people to participate in their campaigns, even if they have to give the free computers in the form of marketing incentives to their participants.